Analytical Instrumentation

Emmace Consulting maintains the following best-in-class analytical instrumentation:

  •  Impactors
    • Next generation impactor (NGI)
    • Andersen cascade impactor (ACI)
    • Multi-stage liquid impinger (MSLI)
  • DUSA set ups
  • Mixing inlet
  • Breath Profile Generator for replay of inhalation profiles (AB Fia)
  • Anatomical throat models for lung dose prediction
  • Mechanical hand for pMDI firing for coordinating dosing with an inhalation profile
  • Spraytec laser diffraction system equipped with inhalation cell (Malvern Instruments)
  • Envision laser system for measuring spray pattern and plume geometry (Oxford Lasers)
  • Aerodynamic particle sizer equipped with impactor inlet (TSI Incorporated)
  • Faraday cage electrometer for electrostatic measurements
  • UV-Vis Spectrometer