The Team

Marten Svensson

Mårten Svensson, PhD


Dr. Svensson has over ten years of experience in analytical and inhalation science at big pharma and has been dedicated to characterization of inhaler products using a wide range of techniques and instruments.  He has for several years been managing projects in the core of new inhaler device platform development within AstraZeneca. Dr Svensson founded Emmace Consulting in 2011.

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Skype: marten_at_emmace
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Per Bäckman

Per Bäckman, PhD

Senior Inhalation Consultant

Dr. Bäckman assists clients with the discovery and development of inhaled medicines. This includes for example: establishing in vitro-in vivo correlations in support of specifications and product design targets and IVIVC model-based batch selection for BE studies. His contribution is based on more than 20 years of industry experience encompassing discovery and development of large and small molecule inhaled medicines. During the last 8 years, Dr. Bäckman has focused on the application and development of computer-based models to link in vitro critical drug product attributes and clinical performance. Dr. Bäckman is the author of 25+ original research papers and a frequently invited lecturer at international conferences.

+46 722 49 79 01
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Peter Elfman

Peter Elfman

Laboratory Manager

Mr. Elfman is a MSc in Chemical Engineering with over 17 years experience of R&D work with aerosols and medical devices within AstraZeneca. As a Senior Scientist in the Analytical Science department at AstraZeneca, he was involved in medical device development (inhalers), aerosol characterization, formulation development, stability studies, validation and development of test methods and equipment, laboratory automation (e.g. development of equipment for inhaler testing), software development and risk assessments. He is very experienced in GMP coordination work and regulatory documentation (especially Module 3 documents for NDA, JNDA and MAA) and in writing answers to questions from regulatory authorities in EU, Japan and the USA (FDA). In recent years Mr. Elfman has taken several university classes within the quality area and has also worked in the packaging industry (Tetra Pak) for three years.

+46 725 54 06 14
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Bo Olsson, PhD

Senior Inhalation Consultant

Dr. Olsson has more than 30 years of experience of inhaled formulations having spent about equal time on CMC and clinical pharmacology at his former employer, AstraZeneca. In 2015 he took a position as senior inhalation consultant at Emmace Consulting AB. His specialty is IVIVC with particular emphasis on predicting in vivo outcomes, such as lung disposition, from in vitro data, and is a well-known author and speaker on this topic. For many years he was part of the aerosol committees of USP and EP and member of industry groups such as IPAC-RS and EPAG. He was part of the teams developing the multi-stage liquid impinger, the next generation impactor and the OPC mouth-throat models. He is author and owner of the Mimetikos Preludium software.

+46 73 988 82 53‬
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Olle Wannerberg

Olle Wannerberg

QA Manager

Mr. Wannerberg is provided with an experience of +30 years from the life science industry both as a Line Manager for up to 40 people and Project Manager. Since more than five years he has been working as consultant in his own company, mainly in the Quality area. Customers range from large Medical Device companies to small start-ups in the Pharmaceutical business. The support to customers focusing on Quality Systems, training and strategies for quality plans/issues connected to Good Scientific Practice, GMP, ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 17025.

+46 705 18 61 73
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Lars Magnus Bjursten

Lars Magnus Bjursten, MD, PhD

Senior Consultant Biocompatibility Evaluation of Medical Devices

Dr. Bjursten is senior professor at Lund University, Bioimplant research and affiliated professor at UCSD (University of California San Diego, Dept. for Bioengineering) He is board certified specialist in internal medicine as well as clinical immunology and transfusion medicine. He has been working in the international ISO committee that is developing the ISO 10993 series of standards for more than 25 years and is chairman of the Swedish mirror committee for 20 years. Dr. Bjursten has been actively involved in the development of the ISO 18562 series of standards (Biocompatibility evaluation of breathing gas pathways in healthcare applications) and has since 20 years been consultant to industry in biological safety evaluation and risk management of medical devices and also been in the SCENIHR (Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Risks in EU) working group on Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nano materials Used in Medical Devices.

+46 709 36 90 96
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Jackie Stuckel

Jackie Stuckel

Senior Inhalation Analyst

+46 706 12 00 61

Lena Heintz Wallenberg

Lena Heintz Wannerberg

Inhalation Analyst

Mrs. Heintz Wannerberg has more than 30 years of experience in experimental work inside pharmaceutical analytical laboratories.

+46 705 30 08 43

Mona-Lisa Kristensson

Mona-Lisa Kristensson

Inhalation Analyst

Mrs. Kristensson has more than 20 years of experience in experimental work inside pharmaceutical analytical laboratories.

+46 709 99 75 58

Elna Berg

Elna Berg

Senior Inhalation Analyst

Mrs. Berg has over 30 years of experience in various positions (analytical specialist, team manager) in analytical development in big pharma. She has vast experience in analytical characterization of pMDIs, DPIs, and nebulisers and has contributed extensively to devising nebuliser testing standards and pharmacopeias.

+46 723 12 01 60

Hans Lundback

Hans Lundbäck, PhD

Senior Inhalation Consultant

Dr. Lundbäck has substantial experience in developing new formulation and inhalation device platforms as well as developing, adapting and automating aerosol characterization technologies, particularly with dry powder inhalers. He also maintains a special competence in developing IVIVC methodology for lung dose prediction. He has been involved in industrial consortium work such as EPAG and IPAC-RS as well as pharmacopeial work as a member of Ph. Eur. Inhalanda Working Party.

+46 706 49 63 05
Skype: hanslundback
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Lars Borgstrom

Lars Borgström, PhD

Senior Inhalation Consultant

Dr. Borgström assist clients with the design and interpretation of early clinical studies with inhaled medication, as well as interaction with regulatory agencies on generic and original submissions of the same. He has more than 20 years of experience working with different aspects of inhaled formulations, mainly in the Clinical Pharmacology area, but also in the bridge between in vitro and in vivo properties of inhaled formulations. Dr. Borgström was the inventor of the charcoal block method for determination of absolute lung deposition and has published more than 70+ peer reviewed papers and book chapters. He is an Associate Professor in Biopharmacy at Uppsala University in Sweden and was in 2008 awarded the Charles G. Thiel award for “Outstanding Research and Discovery in Respiratory Drug Delivery” from the Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. Dr. Borgström has been involved in global industrial consortia, has lectured widely at respiratory and inhalation meetings worldwide, and has experience from interaction with all major regulatory agencies globally with a special focus on PK data, especially on aspects of bioequivalence of inhaled medication.

+46 709 13 63 52
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Staffan Edsbäcker

Staffan Edsbäcker, PhD

Senior Inhalation Consultant

Dr. Edsbäcker assists clients with the planning, evaluation and documentation of new inhalation drug and device opportunities. His contribution is based on 35+ years experience within big pharma in the fields of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, regulatory agency interactions, project management and in licensing opportunity evaluations and due diligence. He has been an invited lecturer at many international conferences and is the author of 50+ original research papers and book chapters within the metabolism, pharmacokinetics, inhalation and intestinal research areas. He is an Associate Professor in Experimental Clinical Pharmacology at Lund University.

+46 709 13 14 86
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