Performance Testing and Development of Pharmaceutical Products

Emmace Consulting offers excellence in advising and performance testing of pharmaceutical products on a CRO-basis. Our strengths are in the following arenas:

Traditional testing of inhalers (DPI, pMDI, and nebulizers) including cascade impaction, laser diffraction, and delivered dose uniformity characterization according to US and EU Pharmacopeias

Experimental determination of expected lung dose from inhalers by using anatomically realistic mouth-throat inlets in combination with patient-like inhalation profiles (best-in-class in-vitro/in-vivo comparisons)

Dissolution testing and rheological characterization of medicated chewing gums

Strategic advising in CMC and clinical support and in lung dose modeling

Software for the prediction of particle delivery to the lung – Mimetikos Preludium™

Emmace Consulting member of MVIC AB

Emmace Consulting – Member of MVIC AB

Prediction of Lung Dose

Prediction of Lung Dose

Emmace Consulting has the pleasure to offer a validated in-vitro methodology for prediction of lung dose.
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Medicated Chewing Gums

Anatomical Throat Models

Emmace Consulting offers anatomical throat models from the Consortium project.
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Mimetikos Preludium

Mimetikos Preludium™ Software

Emmace Consulting proudly presents Mimetikos Preludium™, a modeling package for estimating lung deposition of inhaled aerosols.
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