Collaborations and Partners

Emmace has a strong global network and is particularly proud to be a member of the Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium (MVIC AB), a Swedish cluster consisting of over 26 companies working with inhalation product development.

Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition, LTH, Faculty of Engineering. The research covers experimental and theoretical areas to meet issues with relevance to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other related areas, as well as system aspects of food production and consumption in society.

Emmace has together with Prof. Jurgen Bulitta and Prof. Gunther Hochaus research groups at University of Florida, collaborated since 2015 in different FDA sponsored grants and research projects. The work has resulted in several joint publications (see publication list). 

Dr. Bäckman assists clients with the discovery and development of inhaled medicines. This includes for example: establishing in vitro-in vivo correlations in support of specifications and product design targets and IVIVC model-based batch selection for BE studies. His contribution is based on more than 20 years of industry experience encompassing discovery and development of large and small molecule inhaled medicines. During the last 8 years, Dr. Bäckman has focused on the application and development of computer-based models to link in vitro critical drug product attributes and clinical performance. Dr. Bäckman is the author of 25+ original research papers and a frequently invited lecturer at international conferences.

Per Bäckman, Senior Advisor, is member of Development of a Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) for Pulmonary Drugs, a working group under Biopharmaceutics Technical Committee (BTC).

Development work almost always requires specialized lab hardware. Emmace collaborates with AB FIA and Prototypverkstaden (FIA Labs) to devise, build, and test custom equipment and concepts.

Magle ChemoSwed has a world-class expertise in solid state analysis and interacts very closely with Emmaceon several projects. Read more about Magle ChemoSwed here and more about their competence in Inhalation.

Emmace is a member of the impactor sub-group of the European Pharmaceutical Aerosol Group (EPAG)

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