Advising on inhalation product development

World leading advisors on inhalation science are available for our clients. With 30 years of experience each in big pharma and big generic industry, as well as 10 years of experience as consultants at Emmace, our advisors can support in the most demanding projects in the field of inhalation product development.

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Advising Emmace skilled experts Olle Wannerberg, Kyrre Thalberg, Mårten Svensson and Per Bäckman

Advising on inhalation product development

Our clients have the possibility to access our deep and comprehensive knowledge in inhalation product development during all stages of their product development process.

When you’re facing challenges with inhalation product development or receiving unexpected analytical results, we help you find the solutions by:

  • understanding and interpreting surprising clinical data in relation to in vitro data (IVIVC) and assisting in planning the next study.
  • adopting a holistic view on large DoE packages regarding manufacturing and preparation of dry powder formulations following evaluation and assistance during the next steps including a scale up.
  • evaluating the toxicity level from multicomponent assay for medical devices.
  • Our skilled experts can provide highly specialized and comprehensive support in:

Our skilled experts can provide highly specialized and comprehensive support in:

Senior Adviser Dr. Kyrre Thalberg has been a lead scientist in big pharma for 30 years in the field of dry powder inhalers. He will review generated data and suggest new formulation approaches to improve the overall performance and thereafter evaluate the analytical result. 

Senior Adviser Dr. Bo Olsson is the inventor of the unique software, Preludium, which is built to model lung deposition and pharmacokinetic results from in vitro data. Senior Adviser Dr. Per Bäckman has over 20 years of experience in biopharmacy and half of that time he has used the Preludium software as a superuser. Together these two experts provide unique insights and world leading knowledge in the field.

Professor in Experimental Medicine Lars-Magnus Bjursten is chairing the ISO group that works on the next version of the ISO18562 standard. He can judge the chemical components and particulate data of a medical device considering current established toxicology limits and deliver a pass/no-pass accredited decision.

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