Plume Geometry / Spray Pattern / Plume front velocity characterization of the emitted aerosol cloud

Plume Geometry and Spray Pattern

The spray pattern and the plume geometry properties of the exiting aerosol are performed at Emmace using the Envision system from Oxford Laser. The determinations of the angle, area, ovality parameters are performed using the associated instrument software.

We offer these kind of measurements on all kind of device (DPI, pMDI, Nasal, and Nebulizers). It is also possible to use this method to determine the plume front velocity, a property that are important for Small Mist Inhalers (SMI).

Plume Geometry characterization of the emitted aerosol
Plume Geometry
Spray pattern plume geometry

These pictures show the spray plumes from three different hair spray brands, including the calculated plume angle.

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